John A. David

John A. David

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First Name * John
Last Name * A. David
Username * Neox3d
Country * Pakistan
City Lahore
Nationality Pakistani
Languages EnglishPunjabiUrdu


Preferred Tools




I'm a 3d Artist, I'm familiar with architectural projects plus, jewelry design also, I have been working with 3dsmax for almost 5 years now, I use photoshop, a bit of Maya and a little zbrush too. I have basic knowledge of Animation in 3dmax, can use character studio, motion mixer & particles/dynamics, Though I don't have any professional experience in animation, I would love to learn in an environment where I can learn and work rapidly.

Im currently a lecturer in Beaconhouse University, Pakistan, teaching 3D/CAD design. Im looking forward to have a career in 3d film production and VFX, visualization/design


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